Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What's a veterinarian?

Let’s start at the beginning! What IS a veterinarian??

Actually, first things first; how do you SAY veterinarian?  Well some people say VE-TER-IH-NARIAN, but some people say VE-TRIH-NARIAN.  Either one is ok! And a lot of people just say The Vet!        

Alright, so it’s a pretty big word, but what does it mean? 

A veterinarian is an animal doctor! Animals get check-ups, shots, and medicine, just like us.  A veterinarian can help when our pets get ear aches, stomach aches, scrapes, bruises, or anything else!  Veterinarians help us keep our pets healthy, and help our pets get better when they are sick.    

Oof! I think my tongue is all tied up from saying ‘veterinarian’ so many times!

Have you ever brought your pets to the veterinarian?  We should all bring our animals to the veterinarian at least once a year to make sure they are healthy and to keep them up to date on their shots.  Wait…animals get shots?  They do! Shots (also called vaccines) help make sure our pets don’t get sick! We'll have more about this in our next post!     

Thank you for reading!

-Dr. Chuck

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